Nathan Spencer

CEO - EMG Connectivity USA
IATSE Local 600 (International Cinematographers Guild) Movie 1st AC & Live TV EIC

Broadcast Television

CEO of EMG Connectivity USA.

Leading the expansion and strategy of EMG Connectivity in the USA. Developing a roadmap and building a world class team in North America for EMG's RF Services.


EIC & Project Manager for hundreds of high profile Sports, News and Entertainment shows. Camera Operator (Handheld and Remote Heads) for Entertainment and Sports Projects.

Movies and Commercials

1st Assistant Cameraman / Camera Technician

Local 600 First Assistant Cameraman for Motion Picture Production. Worked extensively with every major Hollywood studio using all formats - Film, IMAX, 3D and Digital Cameras.


Specialized in the use of Wireless Video Links (SD, HD, 3D & UHD etc) in fixed and mobile situations for Video Village / Director Assist.

Digital Media Production

Producer / Director and Editor

Video Producer / Editor and Graphic Designer for Broadcast, Front of House & Marketing Display Systems.

Digital Media Creation and delivery solutions.

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Some examples of my Film & Television work:

Dawn of the
Planet of the Apes
RF Technician - Movie


BBC / PBS 'Big Blue Live'
Live Camera EIC - Live TV


Mission Impossible 4
RF Technician - Movie


SuperBowl Halftime Show
Airborne Camera - Live TV


About Me

With over three decades of experience in the Film & Television Industry, I have dedicated my career to delivering top-notch services and expertise. Since 1992, I have been actively involved in various roles within this dynamic industry.

In the realm of Movies, I specialize as a 1st AC Technician, focusing on Video Transmissions for Video Assist during large studio shoots. As a proud member of IATSE Local 600 (International Cinematographers Guild) serving as a 1st Assistant Cameraman, I bring extensive knowledge and proficiency to every project I undertake.

In the Television sector, I excel as an Engineer-In-Charge, orchestrating numerous live TV events that span a wide range, from exhilarating Marathons to captivating Entertainment Shows. As EIC, I assume comprehensive responsibility for all Video and Audio equipment, ensuring seamless operations and maintaining exceptional quality control standards required for producing live broadcast coverage.

Beyond the realms of traditional Film & Television, I have also embraced the digital landscape as a Digital Content Producer. My global portfolio includes spearheading diverse projects, including captivating online marketing campaigns, Front Of House Production, and the creation of 'Experience Enhancing' Video/Audio Displays. With an acute understanding of the digital realm, I aim to engage audiences and enhance their overall experience through compelling and innovative content.

Throughout my extensive career, I have consistently demonstrated a passion for excellence and a commitment to delivering outstanding results. My comprehensive skill set, combined with a meticulous attention to detail, enables me to navigate complex productions and tackle challenges with confidence.












I was bought in as a consultant by Warner Bros. to design and build a groundbreaking Digital Wireless Video Assist System. I took RF techniques I'd learned over many years in television and found they could be successfully applied to movies.
Designing and building RF systems for live sports coverage such as Marathons and Cycle Races requires multiple systems and techniques to enable rock-solid transmission sometimes well in excess of 100 miles!
I was thrown in at the deep end on a BBC show many years ago and handed a camera which I was expected to operate (I was actually there as an engineer)... So I did it - and have operated camera many, many more times since!
30+ Years in TV & Film!