About Me


I was born and raised in the UK (I became an American Citizen in 2013) and started my career right out of school in 1992 when I joined a small live TV facilities company just outside of London called 'TV2'.   The pioneering work being done by TV2 with Formula One Car Racing, Motorcycle Racing as well as Sailing and Powerboat Racing, gave me a solid grounding in Live Sports Television. Then, when the organization became part of the WESCAM group, I continued to gain valuable experience with a huge variety of production equipment - particularly RF transmission systems and cameras - in virtually every sport ever invented!

By 1998, I had started my own business based in London... providing equipment and services to the TV Industry in the UK (and increasingly, across Europe). For almost a decade I worked on countless projects, expanding from live sports to many news and entertainment shows. I worked with all the major UK Broadcasters (including BBC, ITV, C4, Sky etc) which led to me working with National Broadcassters in more than 40 countries all around the World.

In the spring of 2003 I was asked by Warner Bros. to design and build a digital video transmission system which would go on to be used during the filming of 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'. I continued to work around the World in TV (and some Film) from my London base but by late 2007, I had made steps to have a home in Los Angeles. There, I met and married my wife and by 2009 had switched to working exclusively on movies in Hollywood like The Amazing Spider-man, The Avengers, Inception and Mission Impossible.

By 2014, now with my wife and our two children, we made a move towards the east coast of the USA. At the same time, I began working mainly in Live Television once again to avoid long periods away from my family on movie shoots. I initially worked as a freelance engineer but then as a full time Truck EIC (Engineer in Charge) with '3g Wireless'. With 3g, I've worked on many major projects from Cycle Racing (Tours of Utah, California, Colorado, Alberta etc), Motorsports (IMSA, GRC etc), Triathlons & Marathons (including Boston Marathon) as well as events like The SuperBowl, Presidential Elections and New Years Eve Shows in Times Square.

Working with a forward-thinking innovataive company like 3g, has allowed me to continue to broaden my experience with emerging technologies. It has given me the freedom to persue my own interests in the industry - such as ip based video systems, and to have a hand in developing some of those new technologies myself.

Movie Projects

As 1st AC / Technician I have worked on dozens of the biggest Hollywood Movies in recent years:

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The Bourne Legacy

team1 The Bourne Legacy

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The Dark Knight Rises

team2 The Dark Knight Rises

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The Amazing Spider-Man

team3 Amazing Spider-Man

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The Hangover 3

item3 The Hangover Part III

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The Avengers

team5 The Avengers

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team6 Inception

Television Projects

As Truck EiC, Project Manager or RF Technician I've been involved in hundreds of high profile TV Shows and Events:

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Mission to the Edge of Space

team1 RedBull Stratos

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The Olympics

team2 Olympic Games

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Good Morning America

team3 Good Morning America

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team4 News Coverage

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V Graham Norton

team5 V Graham Norton

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Crashed Ice

team6 RedBull Crashed Ice

A brief history...


I started straight out of school as a Production Assistant with an industry leader in minicam and microwave link technologies for motorsports coverage.


With TV2 now a part of the Canadian Gyro-stabilized Camera Organization, I gained valuable experience with airborne camera and transmission systems, project managing huge events during this time.


I launched my own company in London to provide specialized RF and Camera equipment to TV (and then Film) Producers around the World... Working on events from the Olympic Games to Harry Potter!


I made a permanent move to the USA and to the Film Industry, working on some of the biggest movies of the time like 'Inception', 'Bourne', 'Avengers', 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and 'The Dark Knight Rises' - before in 2014/2015, gradually moving back into Live Television.

Skills and Abilities

Wireless Video / Audio / Data Links for Film and Television. Camera Operator (News, Sports & Entertainment). Color grading / shading in Film & Television. FotoKem on set data management trained. Outside Broadcast truck engineering. Project and Technical management.